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The University of Toronto is one of Canada's leading universities, and one of the largest in North America, with over 84,000 students on three campuses. It is also a remarkable diverse campus, with nearly a fifth of the undergraduate student body hailing from 167 different countries. As such, U of T has both an enormous opportunity, and an immense challenge, to create stronger communities across lines of difference.

What We Did

The University Student Life division engaged Ask Big Questions to design a series of conversations to be led by students in a range of programs run by The Multi-Faith centre, the Career Centre, and other offices within the student services area. The Big Questions of those conversations included:

  1. For whom are we responsible?
  2. When do you say no?
  3. How do we disagree?
  4. What will your legacy be?

A training team from Ask Big Questions traveled to campus to lead a one-day training for 35 students and 5 staff members.

University of Toronto Ask Big Questions circle
"Anybody can use this program to facilitate and lead very deep, meaningful discussions. It is also very dynamic and one can alter it in numerous ways to suit their working style." - University of Toronto student

What's Next

Ask Big Questions and the University of Toronto are treating this engagement as a proof of concept and will evaluate and and refine the strategy as the year progresses, with an eye toward expanding the partnership to bring Ask Big Questions conversations into residence life and other areas of Student Life in the coming years.

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