Josh Feigelson

Ideas for Memorable Seders (and Conversations)

Practical Ideas for Making Great Conversations (and Great Seders)

One of the most important elements of a successful conversation, like a good Passover seder, is participation. A second element is preparation. Find a way for a lot of people to contribute. Ask folks to bring an item of food. Ask them to reflect on a question or do some homework before the event—nothing strenuous, but enough to be meaningful.

Here are a bunch of ideas (in addition to the ones in our conversation guide on the question “Are we free?”)

What would you sacrifice to repair the world?

As we observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day this year, that question looms large. Challenging economic times are causing many of us to make financial sacrifices for the sake of our families. We're deferring retirement. We're working multiple jobs. We're going to less-expensive colleges. A recent report on NPR highlighted how the divorce rate is down in this economy, as the costs of splitting up are leading us to stay together. We're sacrificing personal happiness.